In Search of Feminine Glory

She wanted to be known. She longed to be valued for her unique design and God-given purpose. Feeling unloved, taken for granted, insignificant and just  plain ordinary, she decided to leave her home and seek the adventure and sense of worth she craved.

If she only knew how she captured her Maker’s heart by her quiet gentleness, hidden service and nurturing spirit. If she only could have come to Him to find her worth, her voice, her meaning. If she only knew that she was made in His image, and she had her very own part to play in the drama of the ages – casted for the role of His Bride, His everlasting partner, His glorious Queen. But she couldn’t comprehend such a heavenly destiny.

Spurning male dominance and seeking feminine glory, she fought for equality, purpose and significance in a struggle that has raged tempestuously in the last century of western civilization. Deceived in her understanding of feminine worth, she became the weak spot in the crust of the social earth, through which would erupt a fuming volcano, long churning and boiling beneath a once picturesque and breathtaking mountainside.

Prior to this cataclysmic event, divorce, homosexuality, single parenting, unwed mothers, birth control, abortion and pornography were virtually non-issues. But now they are common realities in her many households for thousands of miles in all directions. Destroying marriages and families, the lava flowed. And the choking ash clouds fell on broken survivors, blanketing society in a gray haze of confusion – leaving men berated and emasculated, women unfulfilled and disillusioned, and children heartbroken and terribly disoriented by it all.

In effort to be equal to Man, Woman sought to be like Man, and under this new social philosophy of the past century, her true glory has become arguably more oppressed and elusive an ideal than at the inception of the feminist movement. The art of homemaking ridiculed. The blessing of motherhood disdained. The beauty of the female body cheapened. And the honor of submitting to and being a lifelong “helper” to a man the chief of all folly.

And this attitude has pervaded the Church almost wholesale.

She whose character and virtue should have provoked the world to jealousy by her confident joy in her role as Adam’s creative counterpart; she whose very nature embodies half of God’s own image; she who is of the shining legacy of Sarah, Esther, Ruth and Mary; she who models for the world the Love that Christ desires to have in His own Bride; even she…has rejected her inheritance.

Daughters of Eve – single, married, all – let us embrace the glorious nature of womanhood! Let Him who is Father, Him who is Husband – let Him call forth our eternal destiny, creative identity and ravishing beauty. Let Him “sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the Word…” (Eph. 5:26). Let Him reveal our feminine glory.

Sanctify and cleanse me, O God, from the deceit of the enemy and the lusts of this world. Grow in my heart the seeds of beauty, creativity and wisdom You have uniquely planted within my being, and cause me to know joy and contentment in the role you have perfectly suited to my womanly frame. Let me reflect Your glorious image as a daughter fully embracing her identity in Christ! Amen.

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