Labor and Glory

Fluttering of belly and heart. Aching body, longing soul. Endless musing on the name, face, personality and identity of the life within. So intimate, yet not introduced. Missing. As if a spot in her heart has been vacant all along, awaiting in eager anticipation for that single, unique, human fit. A person. Almost nine months [...]

The Great Mystery

One of the greatest privileges of my life is to be a wife. Four-and-a-half years ago I paid my vows to a man that had utterly captured my heart and swept me off my feet. We were married, moved cross-country and 13 months later had our first child settled in a home of our own. [...]

Sowing Seeds of Righteousness

Hundreds of thousands of Haitian children are without a mommy or daddy tonight – and without food, water or shelter for that matter. An adoption agency here at IHOP is pounding on the gates of government bureaucrats with desperation, knowing that if no one comes through for these helpless ones – fast – they will [...]

A Golden Harvest

Welcome to this little plot of land in the vast world of blogdom. Growing here are tiny seeds, slowly germinating in the rich soil of motherhood and marriage as I seek to know, obey and love the Sower. He is my Creator, Savior, Bridegroom, Judge and King. He has given me life abundant and joy [...]