She Loves Well

Mother Theresa

A song I wrote this past year in honor of all wives and mothers out there who long to be great in the kingdom of God. Be blessed!

Hidden away in her secret garden
Pleasing her husband, raising her children
Singing her song while she’s cleaning her kitchen
She loves well

She’s finding her way, finding her treasure
Keeping her home has become her pleasure
She knows her success is only measured
By how she loves well

Invisibly picking up the toys off the floor
Hospitably willing to open her door
To welcome the weary, the sinner, the poor
She loves well

Beauty is judged not by image or charm
But by a gentle and quiet fear of the Lord
Secretly earning eternal rewards
See how she loves well

If the world only valued simplicity
If greatness was found in humility
Who would the highest honor receive?
The one who loves well